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Senior Supervising Engineer

Pafilia Property Developers Ltd, seeks employees.

Role: Provides a technical oversight of the works in collaboration with the Architect and the consultants, monitors the progress of the works, helps the Project Manager in the management of the contract agreement.
Location: Minthis Hills, Paphos.


 Systematically supervises the works in progress, ensuring that the project is implemented in accordance with the contract drawings and specifications
 Identifies any issues or problems during the construction process and notifies them to both the Local Architect and external consultants
 Prepares weekly project progress reports for the Project Manager.
 Assists the Project Manager in the management of the contract agreement
 Participates and coordinates the project’s construction progress meetings
 Processes possible variations to the project with the PoM and the supervision team
 Coordinates all necessary investigations for materials and equipment in terms of appropriate specifications and availability.
 Coordinates meetings between the Project Manager and the project’s supervision team.
 Maintains an official archive with all the project’s issued drawings.
 Conducts laboratory tests, whenever considered necessary.
 Helps the assigned Quantity Surveyor with his duties.
Necessary requirements:  University degree in Civil Engineering  At least 15 years relevant experience in large projects as Project Manager or Site Engineer  Fluency in both Greek and English languages both written and oral
 Excellent Computer Skills, MS Office, Internet & Outlook Express


High Performance Attributes:
We offer an attractive remuneration and benefits package commensurate with knowledge and experience


To apply please contact Human Resources:
e: careers@pafilia.com

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