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'Creative center for fluid territories: People-place-processes'.

Exhibitions, Presentations and Round table discussion

Friday 11.11.2016 at [ARC]_Architecture Research Center. Architecture Department- University of Nicosia


Presentations by


A. Initial Network Participants:

• Dr Ana Souto, School of Architecture, Design & the Built Environment, Nottingham Trent University
• Professor Duncan Higgins, School of Art & Design, Nottingham Trent University and KHiB, Bergen, Norway
• Susan Brind, Reader in Contemporary Art, Department of Sculpture & Environmental Art, Glasgow School of Art
• Dr Jim Harold, Visiting Lecturer, Department of Sculpture & Environmental Art, Glasgow School of Art
• Shauna McMullan, Lecturer, Department of Sculpture & Environmental Art, Glasgow School of Art
• Ed Carrol, Kaunas Biennale, Artist and activist
• Vita Gelūnienė, Kaunas Biennale, Artist and activist
• Yiorgos Hadjichristou, Professor at the Department of Architecture, University of Nicosia


B. Collaborators
• Athina Papadopoulou - Architect / Planning Officer- Nicosia Master Plan Office
• Maria Hadjimichael- Postdoc ‘ Enviromental governance and Governance of the Commons’
• Despo Pasia – museologist- museum educator
• Nikos Philippou- photographer - Univesrity of Nicosia
• Veronika Antoniou – director of MAZA architect+ creative director of the NGO Urban Gorillas
• Maria Hadjisoteriou and Angela Petrou, architects - tutors of the unit 6 ‘TIME Synergies_ ADAPTIVE Architecture’, University of Nicosia
• Alessandra Swiny, Head of the Architecture Department, University of Nicosia
• Arch Nilly R Harag, Arctic Architects, Head of Liminal Architecture Unit, Architecture Department, Bezalel Academy
• Fabienne Hoelzer, FABULOUS URBAN


Architecture Research Center,[ARC], University of Nicosia
* 31, Michael Giorgalla str., 2409, Engomi, Nicosia

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