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Seminar “Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer in the Renewable Energy Sector” organized in the framework of the EU project PELAGOS.


PELAGOS project aims to promote innovative networks and clusters in the Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) sector within and across the Mediterranean Sea. PELAGOS will provide a mix of support activities, free of charge, to Cypriot Stakeholders to identify promising business opportunities, develop necessary skills and facilitate growth by bridging the gap between technology providers and energy users. A brief overview Relevant activities are listed:
• SMEs Innovation profiles promoted through an integrated On-line Platform
• Specific Capacity Building Seminars to SMEs (Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer, Markets & MRE Technology applications, Building on innovative soft-skills)
• Business to Business Networking events (B2B, Conference & Exhibition, Workshops, Study Visits)
• Business Growth (Innovation Plan, Joint concept or R&D concept, Business Plan)

The Seminar will be held in the premises of the Research Promotion Foundation, in Nicosia on the 28th of November.



Confirm your participation at angelos.ktoris@marinem.org by 24th of November.

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