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Scientific Approach

 From the 7th until the 17th of November 2016, the Cyprus Institute will organize a School on Concentrated Solar Technologies (CST) in collaboration with four of the most prestigious Research Centres in Europe in this field: CIEMAT (Spain), CNRS-PROMES (France), ENEA (Italy) and RWTH-Aachen (Germany).

• This School is held under the NESTER (TWINNING) project (http://nester.cyi.ac.cy/) which is funded by the European Commission. It is the first of a series of annual Schools on Concentrated Solar Technologies that will be delivered under NESTER.
• The School is directed to graduate students (Masters and Doctoral) but also to early career professionals, although it is preferable that applicants have some background and/or knowledge of CST technologies.
• The school offers a fast-paced comprehensive overview of the CST field, followed by intermediate and advanced lectures on selected topics relevant to the field, delivered by world experts.
• Visits and hands-on activities will take place in the state-of-the-art research infrastructures of the Cyprus Institute.
• There is no charge for registration.
• The school’s brochure is attached (in both .pdf and .jpeg formats), and if you’d like to reach the school’s dedicated page where you can apply for a place, please follow this link: http://nester.cyi.ac.cy/index.php/schools/2016-school.

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