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The National Council of Italian Engineers is honoured to organise the World Engineering Forum, due to take place from 27th of November to 2nd of December, 2017, at the Congress Center “La Nuvola”, in Rome (WEF2017 - www.wefrome2017.com). The main topic of the Forum will be: “Safeguarding Humankind’s Heritage".

Engineering’s commitment is to help material wealth within a sustainable development perspective. Technological research and smart applications should support countries in safeguarding material, social and cultural heritage of each community of people.


Engineers coming from all over the would will meet and compare each other on different experiences.
We need your support! If you have ideas or proposals to share, please contribute to the the call for papers.
Topics of the call for èpaper are the following:

1. Preserving the environment in a sustainable perspective
2. Engineering for climate change
3. Engineering to safeguarding humankind’s heritage (vs. natural disaster, wars, terrorist acts and others)
4. Information security for humankind’s heritage
5. New technologies to safeguard humankind’s heritage
6. New perspectives on safeguarding humankind’s heritage (focus on young engineers and women engineers)




Fondazione CNI
Via XX Settembre, 5
00187 Roma
Tel. 06.42013524


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