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Civil Engineer Role: Under the direct supervision of the Project Manager, the Site Engineer plans, controls and monitors the actual execution of all related works of the project, to ensure that the project will be done in accordance with all the approved construction drawings, contract documents, specifications and all applicable standards.
Location: Minthis Hills, Paphos


Main responsibilities:  Study the architectural, structural and other drawings and the specification, identify problems/ areas for clarification, and ensure that foremen and subcontractors involved are sufficiently informed. Collaborate with the Project Manager, the Architects and the consultants for the effective supervision of the works  Confirm compatibility of site conditions with designs (soil, drainage, slopes and levels, access, environmental sensitivity, other constraints) prior to the commencement of works  Prepare execution project plans and contingency plans for the construction and delivery  Assess quality of materials and the performance of materials suppliers of the project.  Ensure adherence to Health & Safety guidelines  Ensure regulatory compliance during project execution  Ensure that accurate inventory records of materials and equipment are kept  Assess the performance of foremen Necessary qualifications:  University Degree in Civil Engineering  10+ year’s relevant experience in big projects. Construction background in Cyprus preferred  Fluency in both Greek and English languages both written and oral  Excellent Computer Skills, MS Office, Internet and Outlook Express.


Pafilia House, 33 Nicodemou Mylona Street,
P.O. Box 60159, 8101 Pafos, Cyprus
T.+357 26 848 800 D.+357 26 848 781 F.+357 26 934 910
W. pafilia.com | onelimassol.com | minthishills.com

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