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The 4th Annual European Mediterranean Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Summit. Malta, 7th-9th of October 2015, at the Grand Hotel Excelsior in Valletta (Malta).

Led by regional government energy ministry representatives from the Adriatic, Balkans, the Eastern Mediterranean, and North Africa and together with key operators such as E-ON, Shell, ENI, INA, Noble Energy, and Halliburton the 3-day summit welcomes regional energy government representatives, IOCs, NOCs, multinational operators and supporting services looking to expand operations in evolving Mediterranean offshore exploration and production regions.

The summit's main conference (8th - 9th of October) will specifically focus on:
• Updates on the Regional offshore E&P developments in the Adriatic, Balkans, Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa
• Road Map Development – Where E&P Activities Are and Will Be Taking Place and Where Gas will be Processed & Directed
• Key Case Studies in the Licensing and Development of Offshore Oil and Gas Production Activities in the Region
• Rig & Pipeline Construction in Upcoming Key Offshore E&P Regions (Adriatic, Balkans, Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa)
• Formulating Effective Scale Management Strategies During the Initial Phases of Offshore Field Development
• Asset Management and Operational Excellence Methods and Strategies
• Infrastructure Development for Enabling the Establishment of Processing and LNG Hubs in the Region
• Assessing Routes to Monetisation Through LNG, FLNG and Pipelines
• The Development of Upcoming Regional Hubs and Projects that Will Supply Future European and Global Markets
• Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Best Practices
• Subsea and Well Intervention Techniques & Enhanced Integrated Field Development
• Technologies in Down and Upstream Production
• Assessing, Coping with and Mitigating Regulatory and Political Risks
• Meeting Increasing Local Content Requirements in the Region
• Mediterranean Regional Market Updates – Including Developments on Lebanese Regional Bidding Rounds
• Talent Sourcing and Managing Health & Safety Issues in Region’s Evolving Oil and Gas E&P Sector
• Private Round Table Discussion Sessions on Key Issues Led by Regional Experts.

In addition to the main conference the summit will hold parallel focus forums on Wednesday the 7th of October. One will focus specifically on regional licensing/bidding rounds and legal/financing issues. The other will look at new and upcoming technologies affecting offshore oil and gas exploration and production.

The Offshore E&P New Technologies Forum (Wednesday 7th October) will specifically focus on:
• Exploration & production technology
• Unconventional gas technology development
• Technologies and methods for energy efficiency in the oil & gas sector
• Innovative technologies in the refining industry
• New cutting-edge technologies in instrumentation & control, subsea mapping and imaging
The Licensing, Financing & Legal Forum (Wednesday 7th October) will bring together national government representatives, IOCs and NOCs conducting or making submissions for offshore bids.

For an overview of the summit visit the website at

For any assistance or details regarding attendance, sponsorship or exhibiting opportunities please contact us at info@euromedoffshore.com.

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