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Brexit's Challenges & Opportunities for Cyprus, the UK and Europe!

Tuesday 12 July 2016 at 6.00 pm
CllM Nicosia, Akademias 21, Aglandzia
A Public Lecture by Dr. Theodore Panayotou

Almost everyone, including those who voted for Brexit, were shocked by the outcome. Nobody thought that the phlegmatically rational Britons would ever vote against their own pocket, despite the constant grumbling about the EU bureaucracy.

It seems that the Chinese curse “to live in interesting times” took hold, creating many problems and challenges for the UK the EU and of course Cyprus. At the same time, it has created new opportunities for all of us to re-think the present and re-imagine the future. After all, the word “crisis” in Chinese is made up of the words for “danger” and “opportunity”.

Is our competitive advantage of low corporate tax at risk or, will British companies migrate to Cyprus to maintain access to the EU market? Will our tourism, health and education ultimately suffer or benefit? This open lecture will identify the challenges and opportunities, economic and political, individual and collective and suggest ways in which we can tackle the challenges and exploit the opportunities to our benefit. How can states, companies, and individuals adapt to the important changes coming their way and identify and tap the new opportunities? Is Brexit going to be a curse or a blessing in disguise?

The Public Lecture Series is jointly organized by CIIM and the CIIM Alumni Association as a service to the wider community. The Series provide a forum for CIIM’s stellar resident and visiting faculty to share with the public their expertise and innovations and to discuss with the audience important issues and recent developments. Lectures are open and free to the public. No reservation is needed but it is always welcome.

Dr. Theodore Panayotou
2007 NOBEL Peace Prize Contributor
Professor of Economics and Ethics and Director of the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CllM), Visiting Professor at Tel Aviv University and Member of the Cyprus President's Council of the National Economy. He taught Economics for 25 years at Harvard University, served as Senior Economist at the Rockefeller Foundation and advised Presidents and Premiers in 15 countries including China, Mexico, Russia and the USA. He has published over 100 books, and peer-review articles on economics and business and advised companies, governments, the UN and the World Bank.


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