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Sustainability is defined as a requirement of our generation to manage the resource base such that the average quality of life that we ensure ourselves can potentially be shared by all future generations. ... Development is sustainable if it involves a non-decreasing average quality of life. [Geir B. Asheim, "Sustainability,"The World Bank, 1994]

Presentation “Sustainability in Business” which will be delivered by Mr. Michael Hill, on Tuesday 30th of May 2017, at 6.45pm, at the CLEOPATRA Hotel, Nicosia.

Mr Hill started his working life with the Ministry of Defence as an apprentice tradesman in 1975 with the Royal Engineers and leaving as a Major Garrison Engineer to join Interserve in 2008. He has extensive experience in Defence Infrastructure Organisation Facility and Project Management on Ministry of Defence estates undertaking a wide range of employments both in the UK and overseas; these include Iraq, Afghanistan, Oman and the Falkland Islands. Mr Hill started his new career with Interserve Defence in Cyprus as the Service Delivery Manager at RAF Akrotiri before becoming the Head Service Delivery in late 2009. In Aug 2012, he was appointed the QSHE Manager for the new PJOB Cyprus contract.


Businesses everywhere seem to be talking about sustainability. But what does "sustainability" really mean? If you ask five people for their definition of sustainability, you will most likely get five different answers. Some will say sustainability is equivalent to "corporate social responsibility." Some call it corporate citizenship. Others identify sustainability with the environment, and health & safety because their companies have been tracking their efforts in this area. Still others view it as a part of a broader environmental, social and corporate governance movement. And there are sceptics who view sustainability simply as a company's PR efforts to be "green." There's no correct answer, but there are some definitions among corporate thought leaders engaged in the discussion of defining sustainability that should generate interesting discussion.


The presentation will be delivered in English and is free and open to the general public.
Light refreshments and snacks will be offered before the lecture.


You are kindly requested to register your interest to attend the presentation by filling in the form below and emailing it to the Joint Group’s Honorary Secretary: christoforosh@gmail.com or faxing it to No. 22674650 before Saturday 27th of May 2017.

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