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Presentation of the work Giorgos Kalavas + Yiannis Agisilaou & Paris Philippou’, Friday 15.12.2017 10:00-12:00.
This is part of the series of small events ‘Global and local: architectural dialogues’ of the course 'Contemporary Architects' taught by Yiorgos Hadjichristou.


At the event 15.12.2015: Abdullah Howedy Asma and Christodoulou Mirofora will present the work of Giorgos Kalavas + Yiannis Agisilaou


Karapidakis Aristomenis and Kourkouna Anna will present the work of Paris Philippou

Starting from the year 2014, the course aims at viewing architecture in its ‘Global and Local’ perspective by examining contemporary foreign and local architects.
Under the ‘Global and Local’ lens, theoretical and practical understanding of the field of architecture will be pursued.
The course will attempt to identify and understand the nature of the Global and the specificity of the local. Due to the scale of the island of Cyprus, the background of the architects and the specificities of its geopolitical conditions there is a need of discussion of its identity in relation to the architectural discourse.
The course will involve local practicing architects: The students will present the work of the local architects seen through the prism of the work of foreign architects, in order to generate 'architectural dialogues' with the participation of the local architects.


During this event, there is going to be presentations for the following architects: De Vylder Vinck Taillieu (Belgium), Bow wow (Japan), Toni Girones ( Spain), Lina Bo Bardi (Brazil).


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