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A well-established group of companies operating in the retail industry wishes to employ a professional who shall be in-charge for the photovoltaic parks that the company will soon construct and start operating.


The Responsibilities:
The job holder’s main duties at the beginning of his/her employment will mainly focus on the Project Management and coordination of the advisors who have been assigned to conduct the technical study, design and set-up of the first PV Parks. Upon the set-up of the park and the initiation of its operation the job holder will have to:
• Complete the whole process of pursuing and receiving the licence.
• Set up day to day procedures, QC procedures -> with the guide line of the groups management team
• Monitor the normal operation of the PV park(s) and ensure their normal workflow and production
• Perform performance optimisation exercises, take corrective actions and propose alternative ways to increase capacity
• Conduct production forecast and calculate the company’s demand levels in additional KWH from CEA
• Perform preventative maintenance of solar panels
• Manage and monitor unscheduled repairs on Solar panels
• Prioritize work to achieve the largest availability and performance impact, and prolonging the life of the assets and reduce operation cost -> with the assistance of the groups management team
• Improve overall site performance by developing and implementing initiatives that examine current and future processes and procedures and recommend improvements
• Evaluate Create and launch the groups energy management saving policy and procedures
• Ensure compliance with all local and EU energy regulations. Reference to the free market regulation


The Individual:
• University degree in Electrical Engineering, Energy and Power Engineering or any other relevant field.
• At least three years of working experience in similar position in the field of photovoltaic in general
• The job holder must have strong sense of responsibility and ownership, must take initiatives and must be self- motivated and driven to achieve the desired results
• Excellent planning and coordination skills
• Excellent analytical and numerical thinking and ability
• Excellent communication skills and problem solving
• Experience in a software in the related sector will be considered as an advantage


How to Apply:

If you are interested, please send us your CV at recruitment@humanasset.com quoting the code SENG/12/18




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