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Lectures of Maria Luna Nobile and Paola Scala and the relevant discussion during the course ‘Contemporary Architects’ run by Yiorgos Hadjichristou at the Architecture Department of the University of Nicosia.

Lecture /1 // Paola Scala
Rem Phase


Lecture /2 //Maria Luna Nobile
The house that love built (before it was gone)
The Italian 70’s Architecture: Dante Bini and Bini-shell self formed structure


11:00-13:00 Friday 12.10.18 at the Arc_ University of Nicosia
31 Michail Georgalla str., CY-1700, Engomi, Nicosia.


Maria Luna Nobile.
Architect, and Doctor of Philosophy in Urban Studies she is Adjunct Professor in Architectural and Urban Design at the University Federico II in Naples. Her research focuses on the design of the contemporary city, with special attention to the urban regeneration local policies, interdisciplinary and innovative practices especially focusing on the relation between urban development of the city and social issues in the era of climate change. As designer, she also takes part to public competitions on both small and large-scale. Her main publications are on the topic of the interdisciplinary approach of architecture dealing with the global and social changes.


Paola Scala.
Architect, PhD, Associate Professor in Architectural and Urban Project, University of Naples "Federico II". Member of the college of the PhD School in Architecture – D.ARC, Federico II. She has been lecturer in Naples and at the Polytechnic of Turin. Member of the scientific committee of Eurau since 2010, she deals with architectural and urban design with particular attention to the modification of tools, models and compositional techniques in contemporary times. More recently, she has directed her research towards the Horizon 2020 Social Sciences and Humanities themes, and more specifically in the section "Europe in a changing world - Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies", focusing on an housing less abstract and more close to the needs of people, with particular reference to the suburbs of large cities.

Tags: University of Nicosia, Αρχιτεκτονική, Διάλεξη
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