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FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy announce the two-day thematic workshop and networking event specifically geared towards the Cypriot Photovoltaic Industry and it aims to strengthen its ties to academia and the surrounding region.

There will be guest presentations from world-renowned researchers and leaders from Austria, Denmark, Spain, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Jordan. The topics will include grid integration, smart grids, soiling, new business plans for PV plants that contain storage and Quality Assurance of PV plants. Opportunities for collaboration and funding will also be presented. It is expected that the participants will be exposed to new business models, new technologies and new opportunities that will influence their business in the very near future.

In addition, there is a hands-on training on the new battery storage system at the University of Cyprus (UCY) on the 15/11/2018 that is limited to 10 participants only. A separate invitation will be sent to those that register for the workshop.


PLEASE REGISTER at: https://pv_workshop_nov2018.eventbrite.com

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